Generate latitude, longitude for a published Google Spreadsheet

Load worksheet data

To find the spreadsheet and worksheet ID for your Google spreadsheet:

Click "Load Worksheet Data" button when done. If your worksheet loaded successfully & you're using Firefox, you'll see a snapshot of the column data below. Note that the first row is treated as the header row - so it's best to put descriptive column titles there (e.g. "year", "revenue").

Spreadsheet Key:

Worksheet ID:


Pick column names

Please choose one column that has descriptive information (to help you identify the locations) and one column containing the addresses of the locations. To help us find your locations, please include as much information as you can in the addresses (city, state, zip, country, etc.). To quickly add the same extra info to all your addresses, create a new column in your spreadsheet and type, for example, =B1&"City, State ZIP". You can then paste that into every cell in the column, and use that column for the full address.


Check Output & Copy to Spreadsheet

On the map below, you'll see markers plotted where we think your addresses mapped to. For those addresses that we couldn't find a latitude & longitude for, we've placed markers along the bottom of the map that you can drag to the correct location. You can browse the markers using the map or the table in the sidebar. When you've verified the addresses are correct, you can select the latitude & longitude values in the scrolling table, copy them, and paste them into your spreadsheet.