Create a map with a marker and optional info window.

This wizard uses the Google Static Maps API v2. It originally used Static Maps API v1, but that API is now deprecated. Please see the upgrade guide for information on upgrading.

Customize Map View, Marker Location, & Paths

To change the map view:

Use the map control to zoom in/out to the desired zoom level.

To create a marker:

Enter the desired address/location in the box and press the button. If the marker is a little off, drag it around to where it should be.

To add a path:

You can optionally click on the map to indicate a starting point for a path. Clicking multiple times afterwards builds out the path.

Customize Size & Preview

Map width: height:
Marker size: Color: Letter:
Path Color: Alpha: Weight:
Store markers as addresses, not coordinates.
Automatically zoom to fit all overlays.

Generate URL