Fusion Tables JavaScript Example

(1) Authorize using OAuth 2.0

Click Authorize to start the OAuth 2.0 authorization flow. If you have already authorized, the button will be disabled.

(2) Create Table

Click "Create Table" to create an exportable Fusion Table called "People" with columns "Name" with type "STRING" and "Age" with type "NUMBER".

  "name": "People",
  "columns": [
      "name": "Name",
      "type": "STRING"
    }, {
      "name": "Age",
      "type": "NUMBER"
  "isExportable": true

table response goes here...

(3) Insert data

Insert data into the newly created table.

INSERT INTO [table_id] (Name, Age) VALUES ([name], [age])

insert response goes here...

(4) Select all the rows from the table

Select the data that has been inserted into the newly created table.

SELECT * FROM [table_id]

select response goes here...